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Currently the lead DanceAbility teacher in Lane County, offering movement improvisation classes for every body.

DanceAbility Classes can be found on the organization's website:






is a choreographer, dancer, movement educator and University of Oregon dance department alum based in Eugene, Oregon. She has worked with many prominent artists along the west coast, most notably Kathleen Hermesdorf of La Alternativa, Alito Alessi, Shannon Mockli, Katie Griffin, Sara Shelton Mann and Brad Garner of Harmonic Laboratory. Her study of dance design has allowed her to create a strong modern dance repertory and she has presented work regularly for the last seven years, completing two artistic residences in San Francisco in the process. Her broad repertory explores gestural movement, interpersonal relationships, story-telling and high drama. She has produced both independent and collaborative work, completing a series of four pieces for the local organization Dance in Dialogue, where she now serves on the operational board. As a 2015 recipient of an Oregon Arts Commission grant, she created a new mixed-abilities work under the mentorship of Alito Alessi. In 2017, the work, entitled "You Belong" was invited to be a part of the permanent repertoire of the DanceAbility Co.

Her main focus, however, is movement education, with over 15 years experience working with students of all ages through many different forms. As a certified DanceAbility teacher, she leads all of the current local mixed abilities classes and facilitates workshops centered around inclusive dance. She also serves as Rehearsal Director for the performance company and contributes choreographically to the company's repertory.


Dance has been a way of life, an artistic medium, a way to reach people, and a personal joy. Current research takes her into the world of dance and the brain, her Master's Certification in the DanceAbility Method, set for October 2017, is supporting this line of inquiry.

She is also presenting and performing with local company Pop-Up Dance Boutique. 

After All, performed at DiD#12
Collaborative process with Rick Levin
Bargain Store, (at 14:55)
excerpt from Finding A Way of Being, by Shannon Mockli, performed at HiFi Music Hall for Dance in Dialogue



University of Oregon: Bachelor's of Arts: Dance, Minor Degree: Business

Certified DanceAbility Curriculum Movement Educator

Most Recent Work/Training


DanceAbility International: Eugene, OR

Lead Teacher, Summer 2015 - Present

Rehearsal Director January 2016 - Present

Dancer Summer 2015 - Present

Current Research, mixed abilities, mentorship

Guest artist choreographer, Fall 2015

Vitamin Dance: Eugene, OR & Austin, TX


Presented new work at four venues in 2015, including Dance in

Dialogue and Harmonic Laboratory’s (sub)Urban  Projections)


Dance in Dialogue: Eugene, OR

Choreographer, juried community show. Presented work in five

quarterly showings, including a fully produced performance hosted

by UO Dance Department in November 2014.


Fresh Festival: San Francisco, CA

January 2015, studied high caliber modern, contact, partnering and

improvisation with Kathleen Hermesdorf, Albert Mathias, Sara Shelton

Mann, Abby Crain and Sherwood Chen.

Choreography and Presentation Experience


                  Kunst-Stoff Arts, Underground Resident Dance Program (URD) // San Francisco, CA

                  The Garage, Art Safe-House, Summer Series 2012 // San Francisco, CA


                  Independent Work:

              "Counter Chord"                       Presented throughout DanceAbility Summer Tour, 2016

                  “Down”                                        Presented at A3 Fall Concert, December 2015

                                                                        Presented at DiD November 2015

                                                                        Presented with Vitamin D at Coastal Showing, Ophir, Oregon, November 2015

                  “Trio”                                            Presented at Breitenbush evening showing, March 2015

                  “18 Steps”                                     Presented with Vitamin D at (sub)Urban Projections, Eugene, OR Jan 2015

                  “The No-Shows”                       Presented at UNREFINED, Eugene, OR, May 2014

                                                                        Presented at Dance in Dialogue Showing at the Hult, Eugene, OR April 2014

                                                                        Presented at MARK/MOVE at Kunst-Stoff Arts, San Francisco, CA May 2013

                                                                        Presented at The Garage, San Francisco, CA May 2013 and October 2013

                                                                        Presented at IGNITE Choreographer’s Showcase, San Diego, CA May 2013

                                                                        Presented at Arts Showcase, Alameda, CA, October 2013

                                                                        Presented as a site-specific work in Oakland, CA, October 2013                 

                  "Floors" Dance-for-film          Presented at FRESH Fest at Kunst-Stoff Arts, San Francisco, CA Jan 2013                           

                  "Le Petit Fleur"                           Presented at FRESH Fest at Kunst-Stoff Arts, San Francisco, CA, Jan 2013

                  "Subterraneans"                        Presented at The Garage as the culmination of the Residency, San Francisco, Sep 2012

                  "Subterraneans"                        Presented in Excerpt at The AAA Fall Concert, Springfield, OR October 2012

                                                                        Presented in Excerpt at Kunst-Stoff Arts Fest, San Francisco, CA May 2012

                                                                        Presented in Excerpt at Central Market Arts Show, UN Plaza, San Francisco, CA May 2012

                                                                        Presented in Excerpt at Levy Dance's Quarterly Salon, May 2012

                  "Lay it Down" Dance Film      Presented at the Benefit for Westbody, Feb 2012

                  "Cont. 1: Moon Study"             Presented at Ignite Choreographer's Showcase, San Diego, CA, May 2012

                                                                       Guest artist at Torsades de Pointes "Choices" Concert, Portland, OR November 2011

                  "The Hair  Cut"                          Presented at LaAlternativa's NEW/FRESH/NOW Intensive, San Francisco, CA  Dec 2011

                   "Continuation A"                     Presented at LaAlternativa's SWEAT Intensive, San Francisco, CA Summer 2011

                   "Five Seated Figures"               Presented at Dance(Space)Project, Eugene, OR, May 2011

                  "3" Dance-for-Film                  Presented at Dance(Space)Project and at the Academy of Arts & Academics, April 2011

                  "Hard Time Killing Floor"        Presented at Lane Community College's spring performance The Works, May 2010

                  "Little Go Around"                    Presented at Lane Community College's spring performance The Works, May 2010


Theatre Work:

                  "Get Smart" (Choreographer/fight scene coordinator) Rose Children's Theatre, Spring 2011

                  "Pinocchio"(Assistant to the choreographer) Rose Children's Theatre, February 2011

                  "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" (Choreographer) Pleasant Hill Community Theatre, November 2010

                  "In Our Hands Now" (Choreographer) Gold Beach High School Drama Dept. Spring 2005


Work Presented at the UO School of Music and Dance:

                  "Shapes a Day Make"                Choreographer/Producer Spring Student Dance Concert, May 2009

                  "Molecule"                                   Presented at the informal Loft Concert, May 2008

                  “Overpower”                               Presented at the Annual LGBQTA Spring Benefit


Performance Experience

                  Company Experience:

                  Harmonic Laboratory               Dancer, 2013 Spring Season

                  Dance Africa Company            Company member, 2009/2010 season

                  Ifill Dance Company                 Company member 2009/2010 Season


Dancing for Independent Choreographers:

                 (sub)Urban Projections                “Poem” (Cynthia Guttierrez) Jan 2015

                 FRESH Fest                                       "Frank" (Katie Griffin) Jan 2013

                 Kunst-Stoff Arts Fest                      "Frank" (Katie Griffin) Jan 2013

                 La Alternativa's NEW/FRESH       Score by Sara Shelton Man, Jan 2012                                                                                                                                                                                                           Score by Kathleen Hermesdorf

                 La Alternativa's SWEAT                 "When I'm 64" (Emily Leonard) Summer 2011

                 Dance(Space)Project                     "Hung Up" (Mara Bateman) May 2011

                 A3 Spring Show                              "Hung Up" (Mara Bateman) April 2011

                 Dance For A Reason                      "Hung Up" (Mara Bateman) February 2011

                 Songs By Artist                                "Exit 17" (Shannon Mockli) November 2010

                UO SSDC                                            "99 Curves" (Mara Bateman) Spring 2010

                 Film Project                                      "The Magic Flute" (Shannon Mockli) Summer 2009


Theatre Performances:

                  Rose Children's Theatre's "Pinocchio"                                 Role of Maria/Washerwoman, Winter 2010

University of Oregon:

                  UO Repertory Dance Company, member, ‘09 season  Jenifer Craig, Steven Chatfield, Rita Honka

                  Faculty Dance Concert                                     "1st Person/POV" (Walter Kennedy) Fall 2009

                  Spring Student Dance Concert                      "La Boompsy" (Valerie Ifill) Spring 2008

                                                                                                  "View From the Acropolis" (Desiree Townley) Spring 2007

                                                                                                  "Inner Conflict" (Sarah Bixby) Spring 2007

                  Fall Quarterly Informal Concert                      "Let Me Get My Shoes…" (Coco Loupe) Fall 2006

                                                                                                  "Group Piece" (Amy Stoddart) Fall 2006                                                      

                  Forbidden Fruit Theatre Company                "Rocky Horror Picture Show"  Shadow Cast Roles, 2005- 2008

                  UO Theatre in the Pocket                                 "Picnic on the Battlefiield"  Role of "Medic"                     


Dance Training

 Modern Technique & Improvisation

                                    UO Dept of Dance Modern Technical Series                                             Eugene, OR 2014/15/16

                                                      Shannon Mockli, Brad Garner

                                    Breitenbush Contact Improvisation Spring Jam                                      Detroit, OR 2014

                                    La Alternativa's GUT Motives Training Series                                            San Francisco, CA 2011/12/13

                                                      Kathleen Hermesdorf Modern Technique

                                    La Alternativa's Seasonal Intensives with Kathleen Hermesdorf          San Francisco, CA

                                                      FRESH Festival Winter 2012 and 2013

                                                      NEW/FRESH/NOW Winter Intensive 2011 and 2012                           

                                                      SWEAT Summer Intensive 2011                                                                                                                      

                                    Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Summer Program                            Carlisle, PA, 2010 & 2011

                                                      Natalie Desch, Jonathan Riseling

                                    Levy Dance Summer Intensive with Ben Levy                                         San Francisco, CA,  2009

                                    Barbara Mahler Intensive                                                                                Ashland, OR, 2009

                                    University of Oregon School of Music and Dance                                   Eugene, OR,  2005-2009

                                                      Rita Honka, Jean Nelson, Coco Loupe,

                                                      Sarah Franco, Walter Kennedy, Shannon Mockli

                                                      Steven Chatfield, Margo Van Ummerson, Christian Cherry

                                    Lane Community College                                                                                Eugene, OR,  2009-2010

                                                      Margo VanUmmerson

Ballet Training

                                     ODC - steady attendance in classes with Augusta Moore                      San Francisco, CA 2012

                                    Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Summer Program                              Carlisle, PA, 2010 & 2011

                                                      Robert Steele, Alecia Goode,

                                                      Rafael Gregorian, Melinda Howe,

                                                      Hilda Morales, Re Rabassi-Davis,

                                                       Bruce Thornton

                                    Ballet Fantastique                                                                                               Eugene, OR 2009/2010

                                                      Leanne Mizzoni

                                    Lane Community College                                                                               Eugene, OR 2009/2010

                                                      Florabelle Moses

                                    University of Oregon School of Music and Dance                                    Eugene, OR 2005-2009

                                                      Florabelle Moses, Amy Stoddart Coco Loupe                        


Related Courses of Study

Kinesiology, Somatics, Composition, Dance history, tap, jazz, rhythm, collaboration, production, teaching dance, musical theatre.                                          


Other Noteworthy Experience:


Technical Manager (2011/2012) Kunst-Stoff Arts

                  Managed the technical aspects of various performances in the space, organized and focused the equipment available, worked to establish a better system for integrating dynamic technical design in a small performance space.


Studio Intern (2011/2012) Kunst-Stoff Arts, under direction of Albert Mathias.

                  Aided in managing the space and developing the Underground Lab. Minor construction, tech work and PR for La                                    


Alternativa, a resident company. Aided class registration and cleaning duties.


Dormitory Director (2011), Resident Advisor (2010) at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Carlisle, PA Summers 2010 & 2011


Technical Director/Sound Engineer for Rose Children's Theatre production of "Get Smart" Eugene, OR, Spring 2011


Company Intern at Dance Africa Company, Eugene, OR 2008/2009 at home and touring season


Club President at UO's Forbidden Fruit Theatre Club, Eugene, OR, 2006-2008, facilitating a new residency at the Bijou Theatre


Dance Instructor, including positions at:

                  TaDa Dance Studio: Freelance subbing 2011

                  Arts Healing Academy: Creative Movement Aug 2009-Dec 2009

                  SoundWave Dance Project: Instructor: Ballet, jazz, September 2004 - June 2005 and at workshops summer 2007 & 2008



                  Staton Scholarship

                  CFCU College Scholarship

                  Ellensburg Theatre Grant, 2005

                  Oregon Arts Commission Career Opportunity Grantee, Fall 2015




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